Derek Daplin breaks down voter data to show that in many key races, the majority of millennials went with Republicans, or at least the margin narrowed significantly.

From The College Fix:


While millennial voters still favor Democrats, that margin has narrowed, and exit polls show young Republican voters helped in Tuesday’s red landslide.

Voters age 18 to 29 historically favor Democrats, and in many cases millennials turned out big for Democratic candidates in Tuesday’s 2014 midterm elections. But a strong showing by young Republicans helped offset that trend and pushed several Republican candidates into the winner’s circle.

Overall, exit polls found voters age 18 to 29 favored Democratic candidates by a margin of 54 percent to 43 percent in U.S. House races, a trend often mirrored in Senate and gubernatorial races as well. Yet the youth vote was key in several of the battleground states where Republicans won.

These stats are interesting when considering that the youth voter turnout wasn’t much higher than previous election cycles, coming in at 21.5 percent, or 10 million voters, on Tuesday – compared to 20.9 or 9.5 million young voters in the 2010 midterms.

“MYTH: Low youth turnout = R gains,” Tweeted Alex Smith, president of the College Republican National Committee. “Nat’l youth vote was higher than in past 3 midterms & many key states had near pres. level youth turnout.”