No one seems to have a sense of humor anymore.

The Stupid Girl blog reported.

I guess it’s an oxymoron: Female academics outraged at “sexy Ph.D.” Halloween costume

How to get a doctorate in no sense of humor:

The “Delicious Women’s Phd [sic] Darling Sexy Costume,” sold by Amazon, received a lot of virtual eye rolls from academics on social media on Halloween. The costume, including a short, low-cut gown, cap and stole, is similar in style to other “racy” profession costumes that many critics have panned as sexist, offensive and absurd. Real-life Ph.D.s said this costume was no exception….

Most focused on how the costume demeans women. Here’s an example:

“As a lady PhD student, let me say how much of a relief it is to see them accurately describe what we wear every day. I don’t care if it isn’t proper [personal protective equipment], how else will we find husbands if not for our degree in sexy? Bravo to Delicious costumes for supporting women’s education in letting us know that we’re only as smart as our skirts are short.”

And here’s a lady professor who got her doctorate in trendy victimological jargon:

“I can now lecture in my 5-inch gold spiked heels and ‘barely there’ regalia while giving nary a thought to the male gaze and it’s [sic] implications on the prevalence of rape culture in our society. I fully expect my chili pepper rating on [] to go through the roof once I begin to greet my students in this costume. Hopefully I can keep my post structural hegemony’s [sic] from engaging in some wardrobe malfunctions.”