The hack, which replaced the website’s homepage with a shady picture of a man shrouded in darkness and an Arabic poem, is being referred to by some as an “electronic jihad.”

Jennifer Kabbany at The College Fix has the story:

Electronic Jihad? USC College Republican’s website hacked

When USC College Republicans President Jennifer Massey checked her group’s website recently, she was met with a shocking surprise.

Instead of a smiling face of President Ronald Reagan greeting her – the page’s usual intro – she was met with a black screen, a shady picture of a man in a fedora shrouded in darkness, a message in English telling her the website had been “hacked,” and a poem written in Arabic.

“It was frightening,” she said.

Then, making matters worse, one of her members translated the poem, which read: “I saw four things on the internet: A victim that was in torture, Martyrdom of great people I admire, achievements I am proud of, and donkeys (ignorant people) who portray themselves as if they understand everything.”