The higher ed bubble cometh. If these students are angry now, just wait.

From the Huffington Post.

Students Take Over University Of Southern Maine Trustees Meeting In Protest

University of Southern Maine students frustrated over budget cuts that eliminated programs and led to staff reductions disrupted University of Maine System trustees on Monday, marching into their meeting, chanting “stop the cuts!” and taking seats at their table after the trustees yielded to the cacophonous demonstration.

Trustees tried to talk to the protesters before giving up and adjourning briefly.

Chairman Samuel Collins and USM President David Flanagan were shouted down before retreating to the sidelines for 45 minutes, allowing demonstrators to stage a sit-in at their table. Flanagan supported proposals to eliminate programs and 50 faculty positions to save $6 million. The school is trying to close a $16 million budget gap for the next fiscal year.

“I understand the frustrations that led to the demonstration,” Collins said in a statement. He said “economic and demographic realities are forcing us to make some very difficult choices.”

Trustees seemed to take it in stride.

Collins noted that he and Flanagan already had met with student leaders, including some of those who took part in the protest.