At first I thought this article I linked was particularly poorly written because it is not until the end of it where the writer explains what the students were protesting about.

Then I realized I was too harsh on the writer. The students don’t have anything to be protesting about. They’re just there to make a ruckus and make themselves feel good early in the week, in preparation for their best-in-the-nation party scene this weekend.

Syracuse University student protesters occupying SU’s administration building

Several dozen Syracuse University students who were initially rebuffed when they tried to enter the school’s administration building today made their way in and are speaking with administrators tonight.

Roughly 100 students had marched from the steps of Hendricks Chapel to Crouse-Hinds Hall, the site of Chancellor Kent Syverud’s office. Some carried sleeping bags and had planned to go to Syverud’s office and stay there until he met their demands.

Daniel French, SU’s general counsel, greeted them and tried to persuade students to move to the Schine Student Center, where he said senior administrative officials were ready to meet with them. Building doors were locked. But a few students who had entered the building before it was locked opened a side door letting protesters in.

“We’re in,” said Ben Kuebrich, a student organizer, in a text message. “Meeting with admin now – plan to be here through the night.”