He apparently forgot about The Streisand Effect: any attempt to hide, censor, or cover up information only makes that information even more widely publicized.

UO student leader regrets giving free publicity to blogs that mock him

Litigation expert says blogs could have First Amendment claim if shut down by university

Syracuse University’s fight with its student government over the school’s broad computer-use policy, which theoretically punishes “annoying” or “offense” speech, appears to have found its exact opposite at the University of Oregon.

Student senate members there are trying to unmask and punish anonymous blogs that are making fun of them – possibly run by one or more of their own members – but have run into hurdles from the university itself, and now wider ridicule from First Amendment groups.

As The College Fix previously reported, Vice President Miles Sisk of the UO student senate said the anonymous blogs were “cyber-bullying” senate members and called their operators “criminals.” He threatened to turn over their IP addresses to the administration for punishment, according to The Daily Emerald.

The blogs in question are believed to be ASUO Conservative Problems and ASUO Progressive Problems, which mostly use animated images to mock campus groups and leaders.

Sisk said last week he was having trouble tracking down the IP addresses, and Assistant Dean of Students Chicora Martin said the blogs would only violate school policy if they are “perceived as threatening either physically or emotionally.”