Dave Brat is the candidate who beat Eric Cantor in a stunning upset during the summer. He won on Tuesday, too.

Alix Bryan of CBS 6 News reports.

And the Virginia 7th Congressional District election race goes to…

Virginia’s 7th Congressional District has a new leader, a victory for Dr. David Brat (R – Virginia) that began with the defeat of seven-term Congressman Eric Cantor in the June primary race. CNN called the race with 48% of districts reporting, and Brat holding the lead with over 26,000 votes.

Though Cantor outspent Brat by nearly 10-1, it became clear by the end of that night in June that dollars don’t vote – people do.

Brat was funded by Tea Party supporters, and his win marked the first time in more than a century that a candidate has triumphed over a majority leader — a victory made even more exceptional because Brat won with only $200,000.

Since then all eyes have been on the Center of the Universe, as Ashland, Va. is known, where two professors squared off to fill the former House Majority Leader’s spot. Brat ran against fellow Randolph Macon College professor Dr. Jack Trammell, the Democratic Party nominee who won his primary unanimously. Trammell was voted in mostly for show, because no Democrat wanted to run against the second most powerful Republican in the House.