I have great personal interest in Uber. It’s a disruptive innovation that should be championed, not demonized. Unfortunately, Quinnipiac University’s administrators would rather bow down to paranoia and fear of change than let free markets reign.

University bans Uber from campus

Quinnipiac University (QU) has banned Uber over concerns about the ridesharing business’s alleged lack of safety and regulation.

QU determined Uber does not comply with Connecticut’s taxi laws and regulations and it questions the extent of background checks the service pursues on its drivers, according to The Quinnipiac Chronicle.

However, according to Uber’s website, “Every ridesharing and livery driver is thoroughly screened through a rigorous process we’ve developed using industry-leading standards. This includes a three-step criminal background screening for the U.S. — with county, federal and multi-state checks that go back as far as the law allows — and ongoing reviews of drivers’ motor vehicle records throughout their time on Uber.”

“[Public Safety is] here to ensure our safety, so if they aren’t approving of it, I guess there’s reason,” QU student Jennifer Wank told the Chronicle. “If I heard people were using it and were fine, though, I would.”