Greg Piper at The College Fix shows how Penn is wreaking havoc on due process in sexual assault cases:

Penn ‘single-investigator model’ and training stack the deck against accused

As universities take it upon themselves – with less-than-subtle prodding from the Department of Education – to set up alternative judicial processes for sexual-assault investigations, the chain of command and training that panel members receive is drawing increased scrutiny.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) sounds the alarm on the University of Pennsylvania’s new procedures as reported in the Daily Pennsylvanian, saying they pose threats to due process. They sound similar to what Ohio University is telling its faculty who interact with alleged victims, as The College Fix reported.

Penn’s adoption of the White House-recommended “single-investigator model” means that one professional Title IX investigator will “serve as detective, judge, and jury,” and it “dispenses with the notion that someone accused of serious wrongdoing should have the opportunity to challenge his or her accuser’s testimony,” FIRE Director of Policy Research Samantha Harris wrote.