Apparently two heterosexual men don’t have the right to discuss abortion.

Ryan Shinkel at The College Fix has the story:

University cancels debate on abortion after feminists complain

Oxford Students for Life’s debate on abortion and its effects on British culture was cancelled this week after student feminists vehemently complained that two heterosexual men don’t have the right to discuss the topic, and threatened to disrupt the event if it took place.

The debate was set for Nov. 17 and was slated to feature two prominent journalists: The Daily Telegraph columnist Tim Stanley defending the pro-life argument, and Spiked Online editor Brendan O’Neill offering the counterargument.

“Last year in Britain, over 185,000 abortions were carried out. What does this say about our national culture,” the debate’s Facebook description read. “Is it a sign of equality, or does it suggest we treat human life carelessly?”

But at least one feminist group on campus, WomCam, released a statement complaining that “it is absurd to think we should be listening to two cisgender men debate about what people with uteruses should be doing with their bodies…[We call] for an apology from OSFL for hosting this event and urge them to cancel it.”