I would really love to know how many students being affected by this voted for Obama.

Derek Draplin of the College Fix reported.

More than 200 colleges slash work hours to avoid Obamacare employer mandate

Since the launch of Obamacare, more than 200 colleges and universities across the nation have cut student and faculty work hours to skirt the federal law’s mandate requiring employers to provide health insurance for people who work 30 hours or more per week.

At last count: 207 campuses.

Those who have seen their paychecks shrink as a result of the Affordable Care Act include students who work on campus at restaurants, bookstores or gyms, teaching assistants, Residence Advisers, officer workers, student journalists, and a variety of other workers, such as part-time maintenance crews and groundskeepers. Educators’ work hours have also been cut due to the mandate, including part-time instructors and adjunct professors.

The College Fix – which first posted a list of campuses negatively impacted by Obamacare last month – will continue to add to this tally each time we learn of a new campus affected by the federal law, an expected turn of events when the employer mandate kicks in. Please alert The College Fix of campuses forced to cut hours because of Obamacare. Please also see our corresponding article detailing the ramifications of these cuts.

Note this is a conservative estimate – not comprehensive list – of campuses that have cut employees’ work opportunities as a result of the Affordable Care Act.

You can see the entire list at the link below.