The tips include recommendations for neutralizing tear gas and urges students not to bring “an address book, illegal drugs, weapons, or contact lenses.”

Nathan Rubbelke at The College Fix has the story:

Saint Louis University gives students protesting tips ahead of Brown verdict

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Saint Louis University officials recently sent students tips on how best to protest if they choose to take part in possible unrest as a result of the Ferguson grand jury decision, expected in the next week or so.

An administrator at the private college – a 20 minute drive from Ferguson – urged students to “travel in groups” if they protest in an email that also linked to several protest primers with tips on what to do if tear gassed or arrested, among other advice.

“We understand that a group of protest organizers are working hard to ensure that planned demonstrations are civil and non-violent,” Dr. Kent Porterfield, vice president for student development, said in the email sent to students Nov.12. “But we also recognize, despite their best efforts, they may not be able to control the few who wish to cause trouble.”

“[T]he university is planning for various scenarios,” Porterfield adds, noting officials may restrict visitors on campus, including in residence halls, and will consider cancelling classes if protests occur near the urban campus. He did not specify how close to campus protests would have to occur for these measures to be taken.