Emily Yavitch at The College Fix notes that there’s some irony in this:

The ultimate irony of feminism

Women are now liberated! No longer must we be judged solely on the children we bear. Now, we can find satisfaction outside the home, in a fulfilling career. And have a lot of free, unattached, sex.

Some people would find these sentiments to be beautiful and encouraging. Personally, I am troubled by them, because they measure women’s success according to male standards.

Women and men are equal, in that both sexes are human and therefore deserving of freedom and respect.

But we are also different, inherently so, elsewise abortion could not be considered a women’s issue. If indeed abortion is only a female issue (which I don’t agree with, because it takes two to tango) then is it so because it affects a women’s health? Or maybe it has more to do with the fact that women are uniquely created (or evolved to be) capable of bearing children. This is something women can do that men cannot. Ever. It is a uniqueness that is unattainable to men.