It may look like something out of The Onion but it isn’t.


UA professor accused of siphoning funds from student-run meat store

University of Arizona police are looking into allegations that a professor siphoned funds from a student-run meat store.

The Arizona Daily Star reports that authorities on Tuesday seized computers, cash, inventory logs, receipts and invoices from the UA “meat lab.”

According to court records, police sought a search warrant based on an informant’s tip that the “manager of the facility is misappropriating” funds.

The school’s website identifies 78-year-old John Marchello, a tenured animal sciences professor, as the meat store manager.

Court documents allege more than $130,000 from the meat lab has gone to Vaquero Livestock since 2011.

Marchello did not immediately respond Friday to multiple requests for comment.

UA spokesman Chris Sigurdson says officials are aware of the investigation.

Students sell butchered livestock to the public at the store.