He was initially moved to another position but women on the faculty protested.

Tamar Lewin of the New York Times reported.

Yale Medical School Removes Doctor After Sexual Harassment Finding

Yale Medical School has removed a doctor after a finding of sexual harassment as director of its Cardiovascular Research Center, the latest development in a nearly five-year-old case that has agitated the institution.

The removal of the director, Dr. Michael Simons, effective immediately, was the result of an independent management review from April to August, the acting chief of the department of medicine, Dr. Gary V. Desir, said in an email late Thursday.

Dr. Simons was Yale’s chief of cardiology until January 2013, when he was suspended for 18 months after a university committee found that he had sexually harassed a postdoctoral researcher. He was allowed to remain as director of the research center, but many female faculty members had protested that as well as his scheduled return as chief of cardiology.

Earlier this month, Dr. Desir sent an email to administrators saying he had learned that “Mike and a couple of research senior cardiology faculty have been pressuring” some researchers “to make favorable comments to the press and to write in support of Mike.” Dr. Desir wrote that he had already met with some of those being pressured.

In addition to the sexual harassment, the university committee found that Dr. Simons had exercised “improper leadership and compromised decision-making” with regard to the researcher’s husband, also a cardiologist. Dr. Simons, who is married, began making advances to the researcher, Annarita Di Lorenzo, in February 2010, in a letter, and continued his pursuit despite repeated rebuffs. She left Yale in 2011. Her husband, Dr. Frank Giordano, who remains at Yale, said Dr. Simons froze his professional advancement.