He also cites “racist prerequisites” such as being expected to know algebra before attending university.

Ishmael Bishop at The Daily Tar Heel writes:

Column: Unequal upon arrival at UNC

After three years of attending UNC, an institution historically built upon the backs of countless unnamed black bodies, a few facts have come to my attention.

It is here that I attended class without being conscious that UNC has only been open to people of color since 1955, beginning with the admittance of three undergraduate students — and only then because of judicial intervention.

It would be an insult to describe our society as post-racial because the wounds of slavery and segregation are still bleeding.

I graduated from a North Carolina public high school in 2012 and came to Chapel Hill, which promised me a fair and holistic education upon enrollment. At UNC, I am surrounded by systems of support that do not actually guarantee my academic success.

Attending an institution like UNC is still but a dream for so many students of color with stories similar to mine because of the vast disparity that exists with respect to high schools’ abilities to provide opportunities for their students to meet college prerequisites.