The new bathrooms pair nicely with the pagan student club that has just been approved.

Loyola University Chicago’s student government is considering whether to recommend all restrooms on campus be made “gender-neutral.”

What’s not clear from the sponsor, however, is whether multi-stall restrooms would be open to men, women and trans students for simultaneous use.

It’s part of a broader legislative push to remove gender from any campus consideration, including words like “him” and “her” in student government documents or even senate meetings.

Other schools in the region are talking about gender-neutral restrooms as well: Ohio State University earlier this year started letting students request to live on dorm floors with only gender-neutral restrooms, according to The Lantern.

The Loyola student senate discussed the possible creation of a “Gender-Neutral Bathroom Development Ad-Hoc Committee” at its Nov. 4 meeting.

Lucas Fleisher, the senator pushing for gender-neutral restrooms, told The College Fix by email that he wants to ensure all restrooms “are built in a way that makes them a safe space for anyone that wants to use them.”

Fleisher said he wants to promote the single-stall restrooms on the Loyola campus that are gender-neutral by definition, as well as “increasing the number of gender-neutral bathrooms on campus.”

According to Fleisher, the proposal is intended to “make a marginalized group of students feel more comfortable on campus.” But it’s not his “ultimate goal” to convert all restrooms: “I’m certain that making all bathrooms gender-neutral would also make students uncomfortable, and that’s not what we want.”

Fleisher did not respond when asked whether he was advocating that single-sex, multi-stall restrooms become open to all genders, or that such new restrooms be built.

“We will be seeking the majority of our funding from outside sources, so I don’t see any negative consequences of gender-neutral bathrooms,” Fleisher responded when asked what harm if any could come from gender-neutral restrooms.

Fleisher said he had started a group, the Coalition of Chicago Colleges and Universities, to unite more than 20 student governments at Chicago-area schools to push an LGBT agenda. But he declined to name the student governments involved, saying only that he had “consulted the student body presidents at the CCCU’s member institutions about this issue.”