I don’t know what anyone’s upset about. Punishing success is one of the hallmarks of Progressivism.

Carla Rivera of the LA Times reported.

Cal State system under fire for success fees on some campuses

As University of California leaders push for a controversial multiyear tuition increase, the larger California State University system is holding back, preferring instead to wait and see if more funding can be coaxed from the state, officials said.

That doesn’t mean, however, that Cal State leaders have escaped criticism over their own handling of costs. A dozen campuses have imposed so-called student success fees of up to nearly $800 per student, which many critics see as effectively tuition hikes, to augment academic services and hire faculty.

The Cal State Board of Trustees, meeting in Long Beach on Wednesday and Thursday, will hear preliminary recommendations to better inform students about the use of fees, including a new requirement for their prior approval.

On the same agenda, trustees also face the prospect of a proposed 3% pay hike for the chancellor, campus presidents and other executives.

It is almost a replay of 2011, when trustees approved a $100,000 increase in compensation for the incoming San Diego State president as it increased annual student tuition by 12%.