The BDS activists at UCLA are obviously afraid of letting people know what they’re all about. They are also trying to control the narrative.

Kudos to the Daily Bruin’s editorial board for calling them out.

Editorial: USAC must not limit press, student access to divestment meeting

The focal point of the undergraduate student government’s Nov. 18 meeting in Ackerman Grand Ballroom is a resolution which calls for the University of California to divest from certain companies that some students say profit from the Israeli occupation of Gaza and the West Bank.

And while the fate of the resolution will be ultimately decided by the 14 Undergraduate Students Association Council members, the issues at hand and the people they affect extend well beyond the confines of Ackerman Grand Ballroom and UCLA’s campus.

Divestment is a global issue that spans dozens of college campuses and has a transcontinental impact. At last February’s divestment resolution meeting alone, hundreds of students from all over came to UCLA to voice their opinions on the issue. They are voices USAC cannot and should not silence.

Yet, due to a recent decision by councilmembers, public attendance and media coverage of this vote will be significantly reduced. Students will be required to present BruinCards to gain entry to be admitted to the meeting, and coverage has been barred for all media outlets excluding UCLA Student Media, which can cover the event but must register with the USAC Office of the President prior to attending.

Closing its doors to students and media indicates that USAC might even have the power to limit Student Media’s coverage and hold meetings without any press presence. The limitation of media coverage in any capacity is a concerning precedent for a government body to set.