Discussing income inequality at a $200-a-night hotel. Of course, there is no word on how much attendees are paying, but it just seems a little odd.

Eric Owens writes for the Daily Caller:

Multicultural Education Conference Will Tackle ‘Hierarchies’ At Swanky El Conquistador Resort

The National Association for Multicultural Education is holding a conference this week in Tucson, Ariz. entitled “Dismantling Fronteras through Multicultural Education: Con Comunidad, Cariño y Coraje.”

The brave and revolutionary conference will begin Wednesday and run through the weekend at a resort called “El Conquistador,” the Arizona Daily Independent reports.

The full name of the fancypants, four-star resort is the Hilton Tucson El Conquistador Golf & Tennis Resort.

“Conquistador” is a word that means “conqueror” and which specifically refers to the Spanish conquerors of Mexico and parts of South America.

At the $200-per-night resort, conference attendees will discuss “hierarchies” including “rich over poor” and “citizen over recent arrival.”