The magazine’s most recent cover story is about the near-impossibility of firing public school teachers.

From the Washington Post:

A Time magazine cover enrages teachers — again

Time magazine has done it again: It published a cover that has enraged teachers around the country, triggering protesting e-mails and tweets, a petition demanding an apology, and a call for a boycott.

The first time Time was hit with such a backlash from teachers was in 2008, when its cover showed then-D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee standing in a classroom holding a broom, with the headline, “How To Fix America’s Schools” and a blurb that said “Michelle Rhee is the head of Washington, D.C., schools. Her battle against bad teachers has earned her admirers and enemies — and could transform public education.”

And now, they are furious about the Nov. 3 Time cover, with the title “Rotten Apples.” The blurb under it says, “It is nearly impossible to fire a bad teacher”(which Rhee proved isn’t actually true as she fired teacher after teacher). The accompanying story is about the latest effort by school reformers to reduce or end teacher job protections (and therefore reduce or destroy the power of the teachers unions), highlighted best in a recent case titled Vergara v. California, in which a judge threw out state statutes giving tenure and other job protections to teachers. Campbell Brown, the former CNN anchor, has emerged as a leader of these new efforts to sue individual states with strong job protections for teachers.