The 22-year old D.C.-area substitute teacher performed oral sex on a 17-year old student on her first day at work. Her first day.

D.C. Substitute Teacher Arrested After Performing Oral Sex On Student

D.C. substitute teacher Symone Greene, 22, is charged with felony, first-degree sexual abuse of a minor for allegedly performed oral sex on a male student her first day on the job at Options Public Charter School, reports the Washington Post.

The 17-year-old 11th-grader, a popular football player at Options, secretly recorded Greene performing oral sex on him behind her desk and showed at least 5 of his teammates and a childhood friend. According to court documents, he asked that she perform the act the number of times as his football jersey number.

The incident occurred Friday, October 17.

Greene and the student continued to text throughout the weekend; simultaneously the video was going viral until it finally reached the eyes of a teacher who reported it to the administration and, subsequently, D.C. Child and Family Services and D.C. police.