First, they came for the Redskins…

Andrew Desiderio at The College Fix has the story:

Students say spear-wielding Aztec mascot offensive, demand its decommission

Some students at San Diego State University are pushing to scrap their “Aztec Warrior” mascot and its use of a spear, claiming they perpetuate “harmful stereotypes of Native Americans” and disrespect them.

In an official resolution submitted earlier this month to the student government, the SDSU Queer People of Color Collective called for the immediate end to any association with “Aztec” culture.

“The continued use of the name ‘Aztec’ and the ‘Aztec Warrior’ mascot perpetuate harmful stereotypes of Native Americans, including the notion that Native Americans are innately violent, dangerous, and ‘savage,’ which is demonstrated by the Aztec Warrior’s aggressive body language, the Aztec Warrior’s use of a spear at special events, the use of a spear on the SDSU Athletics Logo which is printed on uniforms and SDSU memorabilia, and the slogan ‘fear the spear,’ ” the resolution states.

The resolution also calls on the university to keep in mind the appropriateness, viability and general appeal when creating or choosing a new mascot. The students would also like to see a weapons ban instituted – that is, the new mascot cannot “use, hold, or operate anything resembling a man-made weapon,” the resolution states.

In a statement provided to The College Fix by campus spokesperson Natalia Elko, the university declined to comment on the push to ax the mascot.