Well, what a surprise. They voted for a $15 minimum wage on campus but they don’t know how to make it happen.

It doesn’t sound like they thought this through very thoroughly.

Alisa Warren of The Post reports.

OU Student Senate lacks plan for $15 minimum wage

Ohio University Student Senate still wants the university to make drastic institutional changes, such as a $15 minimum wage for student workers, but senate members don’t know how university officials would make that happen.

Senate Vice President Caitlyn McDaniel said she is trying to find someone who understands the university’s budget and is not willing to keep “administrators’ wages high and student worker wages low.”

Top university budget coordinators John Day, associate provost for Academic Budget and Planning, and Chad Mitchell, OU’s budget director, said they have not been contacted by senate members to explain how the university’s budgeting process works.

McDaniel called comments from Stephen Golding, OU’s vice president for Finance and Administration, in a previous Post article, “misleading” when he said increasing student wages to $15 “could have a budgetary impact and require a tuition increase to cover the cost of the wage increase.”