Remember back in the early twentieth century when a group of women protested gender deciding what positions you could hold and jobs you could have? What was that group of women called again?

Maygan Beeler at The Post reports:

Student Senate to reform senate elections at Ohio University

With midterm elections rapidly approaching for candidates across the county, Ohio University Student Senate will focus on preparations for next spring’s senate elections at their Wednesday meeting.

As decided by conversation at last week’s meeting, Minority Affairs, International Affairs, LGBTQ and Women’s Affairs commissions will all receive additional senators to better represent their populations on campus, if their respective resolutions are passed.

Minority Affairs, International Affairs and LGBTQ commissions could gain two senators, while Women’s Affairs could gain four, said Caitlyn McDaniel, senate’s vice president.

Each of these commissions could have four voting spots, if approved by the body. The Women’s Affairs commission could have six.

“We feel it is more representative of the demographics on campus,” McDaniel said. “We have a lot of women, and we’ve also decided to mandate that in the WAC 3 of those positions be held by women from minority groups, whether they be women of color, women with disabilities or differing abilities, or women from LGBTQ community.”