New York is preparing to pass a campus consent law not unlike California’s. Our friend Hans Bader reports at Liberty Unyielding.

New York may rob college sex of ‘fun and spontaneity’ through ‘consent’ ordinance

New York City officials want to require “affirmative consent” not just for sex, but for “sexual encounters” in general, at colleges in New York City, including private colleges, reports the Wall Street Journal. Since a lot of consent is not considered “affirmative” by supporters of such requirements (see this discussion of a similar law in California), this will result in a massive intrusion in students’ private lives, while doing nothing to prevent rape.

A prominent New York lawyer who supports it admits “it may take the fun and spontaneity out of sex, but I don’t care”:

New York City criminal-defense attorney Ron Kuby said an affirmative-consent policy will likely help protect accused students as well, by clarifying sexual boundaries. “From a criminal-defense standpoint I think it’s laudatory,” he said.“It may take the fun and spontaneity out of sex, but I don’t care. That’s for the kids to worry about.”

Kuby was a key player in the ironically-named Center for Constitutional Rights, whose founder, William Kunstler, an icon in the liberal New York legal community, once said that he didn’t believe in criticizing civil-liberties violations, atrocities, or gulags in communist countries like Vietnam, since that would undermine the progressive cause.