The message threatened a shooting would take place at the school.

NBC News in Boston reported.

Harvard University working to keep campus safe after threat

The campus community at Harvard University is on edge after a threat was emailed to about 500 people.

The message, which was sent just before 5 p.m. Friday, includes a detailed threat for a mass shooting planned for Saturday.

“It’s very scary that we don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring,” one student said.

Those who received the email said it was poorly written, racially charged and sent to mostly Asian Women.

Many students on campus said they have faith in the university police.

“I don’t have too much concerns, I’m sure the Harvard University

Police Department will manage it very effectively,” Andy Park said.

Harvard Police say they are increasing their patrols and have contacted the FBI.

The University sent emails to the Harvard community warning them of the threat.

“I just appreciate how they handled the situation they’re taking a lot of precautions to make sure students are aware,” Corey Robinson said.

Even though most students aren’t worried, the fact that the email was sent to their campus certainly has their attention.