Remember when liberals were all about greater personal liberty and freedom? Not anymore. Now they are the advocates-in-chief for banning this and that—even cool, hip social media apps.

Ryan Chapin Mach makes the case for banning access to the popular social media app:

Why Your College Campus Should Ban Yik Yak

Last week, students at Colgate University protested their college’s treatment of minorities. The demonstrations were at least partially inspired by racist posts on Yik Yak, a social media app where people post anonymous messages to other users in their area.

More recently, someone on Kenyon College’s campus took to Yik Yak to issue some disturbing threats. According to The Thrill, Kenyon’s student-run blog, several posts were made threatening violence and even sexual assault against the women who lived and worked at Crozier House, the campus center for women.

And shocking as these incidents are, our reaction to them has become sort of procedural. First, we express disgust and indignation; then we turn to social media to make it known that we care for each other’s safety; then the administration pays some lip service to how much they disapprove of racism and misogyny. Then we declare that a “dialogue” has been established or a “conversation” has started and feel that we’ve done some genuine good.