Claire Chiara at the College Fix shows how the Berkeley Free Speech Movement is totally rooted in hypocrisy:

Berkeley College Republicans Call Bullsh*t on Free Speech Celebrations

November 2013: Berkeley student government unanimously passes a bill to ban the term “illegal alien” from campus discourse.

September 2013: After several Mexican-American members of the campus fraternity Delta Chi suggest hosting a quinceanera-themed party, the student government condemns the frat for “appropriating the culture” of Mexican-Americans.

December 2012: Citing their “disapproval” of the viewpoints espoused by the second largest charity in the Unites States, the Berkeley student government passes a bill to boot Salvation Army donation boxes from campus, arguing the charity’s presence on campus creates a hostile and uncomfortable environment.

September 2011: Berkeley’s student government unanimously passes a bill condemning disrespectful speech.

And on Friday, as UC Berkeley students and faculty wrapped up a week-long celebration to mark the 50th anniversary of its Free Speech Movement, the UC Berkeley College Republicans illustrated to our peers how the university has actually turned its back on the First Amendment.

To that end, club members stood in front of Sproul Hall holding a large banner that read “Free Speech [does not equal] Comfortable Speech” – and it got students’ attention, as the positive platitudes they’d heard all week about the movement were vehemently challenged.