The fact that one student used a racial slur is a sign of a racial crisis, and even if such an event is a hoax, that’s also… a sign of a racial crisis?

Dave Huber at the College Fix has the story:

The never-ending ‘need’ for college ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ efforts

Syracuse University higher-ups “plan to create task forces and seek input from students and faculty to address diversity and inclusion issues” after a campus forum was held a week ago this past Thursday.

Why the need for the forum in the first place?

Well, a SU women’s soccer team player named Hannah Strong was caught on video using a homophobic and racial epithet. That’s right, a single individual who was suspended from the team for what she did, means that an entire college community is in “crisis.”

The Daily Orange reports:

In the beginning of the forum, Chancellor Kent Syverud briefly addressed the audience. During the forum, Syverud said the issues being discussed were much larger than the Strong video itself.

After Syverud’s introduction, participants discussed two sets of questions and then broke into individual discussion groups, which Syverud participated in. Syverud ended the forum by summarizing what was discussed as well as the next steps moving forward.

Vice Chancellor and Provost Eric Spina and Kantrowitz then addressed several specific demands that student leaders had given the administration. Some of those requests came out of a forum and a rally that were held on Sept. 12 and Sept. 19, respectively.

The requests included:

— More open dialogues
— More preparation for faculty and students in order to engage in discussions on identity and privilege
— More involvement from the administration in engaging with student organizations of color
— Mandatory dialogue class for all students
— More conversations between SU Athletics and the student body
— Additional funding for the African-American Studies department

I love this line: “The issues being discussed were much larger than the Strong video itself.” But of course! They always are. Even if the Strong video had turned out to be a complete hoax, the “issue” would still have been worthy of a campus confab about diversity and inclusion — because, after all, they’re still problems, dammit!