To people who think like this, it doesn’t seem to matter that the U.S. elected Barack Obama president. Twice.

Trey Sanchez of Truth Revolt reported.

CA Prof: Killing Black People Is Killing Barack Obama

Famed music critic and Berkeley professor Greil Marcus likened killing black people to essentially killing Barack Obama.

No really, he did. Marcus’s exact words in an interview with Scott Timberg for were: “When that cop killed Michael Brown, and when George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, they were killing Barack Obama.”

Let that sink in for a moment….

Marcus said this after admitting he is not a psychiatrist and has never interviewed Zimmerman or the cop to know their “motives” or “childhood traumas,” but he is sure that “in a certain way” his correlation is not “nuts.”

In fact, Marcus explains that these events were direct results of Obama’s presidency:

When you look at the murder of Trayvon Martin, when you look at the murder of Michael Brown, when you look at those situations, it’s not unrelated to Obama being president, but it’s more the way in which the country has reframed itself or rewritten itself since his election, with all kinds of people saying to themselves, maybe never putting it into words, just feeling it, ‘There’s a f*cking n*gger in the White House? Well f*ck you, n*gger, whoever you are.’ And an inchoate loathing and hatred that seeks out its targets.

Timberg and Marcus both agreed that in many ways, the Civil War “has never really been settled” and is still raging. Remnants of America’s dark times are still lingering in today’s culture and are showcased by the actions of a public that loathes the fact that a black man occupies the White House.