When I think of heroes, I think of people who have achieved great feats. Women who get abortions don’t qualify in the slightest, regardless of your opinion on the legality and morality of abortion.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn reports for Campus Reform:

University celebrates ‘abortion heroes,’ commends illegal abortions

The University of North Carolina – Wilmington celebrated “abortion heroes,” including those who performed illegal abortions, during an event last week.

According to the flier promoting the event, the public university’s LGBTQIA Resource Office partnered with the school’s Women’s Studies and Resource Center (WSRC) to host the event celebrating those who performed abortions before they were legal. The event flier promised free pizza to students who attended.

“Come learn about the brave men and women who performed abortions before they were legal, often risking their own lives and freedom,” the flier says.

“Abortion providers are heroes!” the flier also says. “Thank you for standing with 1 in 3 women who have an abortion.”

Students and professors at UNCW have decried the event, as well as several events both centers have co-sponsored.

“The LGBTQIA and UNCW’s [WSRC] have put on many events like this in the past using taxpayers’ dollars to not only bring awareness to the feminist movement but to campaign and celebrate abortion,” Madison Marston, a senior biology major at UNCW told Campus Reform. “Their intent isn’t simply to ‘celebrate abortion.’ No, this is a political campaign against life for abortion, and it is being funded by yours truly, the University of North Carolina – Wilmington.”