I feel what happened here is that the “suits” at Urban Outfitters, who under normal circumstances would have immediately vetoed this idea, feared being labeled “out-of-touch” and “old-timey.” So, they shut out common sense and let this inane idea go all the way through to store shelves.

Jessica Durando of USA Today reports:

Urban Outfitters sorry for bloody ‘vintage’ Kent State University sweatshirt

There’s “vintage” and then there’s a different level of retro-style that Urban Outfitters has sold with its Kent State University sweatshirt.

The Outfitters sweatshirt is attracting attention across social media platforms Monday because of its blood-splattered appearance.

Many people are incensed by its apparent connection to the fatal May 4, 1970, shootings in which four students were killed by the Ohio National Guard during Vietnam War protests.