It probably sounded good on paper but as you’ll read below, it’s just more of the same political correctness we’ve all come to know so well.

John Rosenberg of Minding the Campus reports.

Diversity–The Vague, Ever-Expanding Cloud

Doubling down on its ever expanding commitment to “diversity,” the University of Virginia Board of Visitors has just created a new standing “Committee on Diversity and Inclusion.” The new committee’s first meeting, held on September 12, considered the results of a study on the wages of female faculty,

The study, by Economics Professor Sarah Turner, found that “the average salary of female faculty members at the University of Virginia is about 2.7 percent less than the average salary of a male faculty member.” Although her study took into account “the different roles of field of specialization, rank and years at the University in determining compensation,” Prof. Turner admitted that it “[u]nfortunately … fails to compare productivity across different fields of study.”

Comparing female and male faculty salaries without considering productivity is about as useful as comparing the wages of any groups of workers without considering the number of hours worked. More fundamentally, however, what does “the average salary of female faculty members” have to do with “diversity”? Depending on the cause of any significant differential, it may have something to do with discrimination, but what is its relevance to “diversity”?

The subject matter of this first meeting, in short, unintentionally but devastatingly reveals the vague, formless indeterminacy of the “diversity” that the committee is charged to promote. Despite this confusion the creation of the new committee was accompanied by all the familiar choruses from the “diversity” hymnal that has become the current catechism of campus political correctness.