How about a study on how liberals and conservatives think differently? But we already know what the conclusion would be.

From the NY Daily News:

Liberals and conservatives smell different, are attracted to odors of those who share their beliefs: study

People are attracted to the odor of those who share their political beliefs, according to a new study that suggests why many couples vote for the same candidate.

And yes, Democrats and Republicans smell differently, according to lead author Dr. Rose McDermott, a political scientist at Brown University.

Researchers worked with a group of 146 participants who rated the body odor of strangers who leaned strongly to either the left or right of the political spectrum.

They never saw the individuals whose smells they were appraising although results indicated that mutual attraction to body odor and political beliefs go hand in hand.

“People could not predict the political ideology of others by smell if you asked them, but they differentially found the smell of those who aligned with them more attractive,” McDermott said. “So I believe smell conveys important information about long-term affinity in political ideology that becomes incorporated into a key component of subconscious attraction.”