Students at Salt Lake Community College are actually complaining about a dance class that counts for the diversity course requirement at the school.

Maggie Lit writes for Campus Reform:

Diversity dance class draws students’ ire in Utah

Can students learn about diversity through dancing? According to one community college in Utah, they can, but students complain the professor is too hung up on race.

Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) requires that students take at least one diversity course that “critically [examines] the history, contributions of and challenges confronting diverse groups,” in order to complete their General Education (GE) requirements.

DANC 1010, “Dance and Culture,” has students complaining on the professor rating site, where instructor Tess Boone—who is listed as teaching multiple dance courses at SLCC—was condemned for calling whites racist and making other unqualified claims.

“Tess is extremely disrespectful. With her, her opinion is the only right one and if you don’t agree with her she does NOT like you,” posted one student.

“The first assignment basically condemned my demographic (white male). She will misdirect comments you make to align with her ideas,” wrote another.

Despite comments on the website alleging that Boone reprimanded white males, the professor says she never shamed students for being white.

“I NEVER said or even suggested that all whites are racist,” Boone wrote in an email to Campus Reform. “We look at how SYSTEMS within the culture of the United States could be perceived and experienced. I allow students to give their views, without imposing mine.”