The vote is set for Thursday. We’ll keep an eye on this story for an update.

Regina Dennis of the Waco Tribune-Herald reported.

Baylor students set vote for handguns on campus

Baylor University Student Senate members have set a vote for next week on a resolution to allow licensed concealed handgun holders to carry their weapons on campus.

The measure, written by senior Gannon McCahill, was submitted Thursday for a first reading. The resolution was not discussed openly during the meeting, and McCahill declined to speak to media after the meeting.

The full body is to vote on the resolution at its meeting next Thursday.

It would allow anyone with a concealed handgun license to carry a gun on campus, including students, faculty, staff and members of the public.

If the senate passes the resolution, student body president Dominic Edwards has the option of vetoing the measure.

The senate then would need a two-thirds majority to override the veto and send the resolution to Baylor’s administration for consideration. Baylor’s board of regents ultimately has the final say on whether to allow concealed handgun carry on campus.

Baylor spokeswoman Lori Fogleman, in a written statement, reiterated the university’s general opposition to allowing handguns on campus.

“We continue to believe that concealed handguns on our campus would introduce potential challenges to campus safety overall and make more difficult the work of our public safety officers,” Fogleman said.