Drinking on campus is riskier in the age of social media.

Heather Waliga of ABC News 11 reported.

Twitter page spotlights NCSU students passed out around Raleigh

A Twitter account showcasing hundreds of pictures of NC State University college students passed out drunk is catching fire.

The disturbing photos display many students face-down or half-dressed, many unaware it’s all being caught on camera.

Similar Twitter handles have popped up at college campuses across the country.

“I feel like it’s embarrassing,” said NCSU senior Jarami Bond. “We’re out here trying to get jobs and advance our careers. This is not a good way to portray yourself. Drinking on college campus shouldn’t be glorified.”

“I would be completely humiliated,” said NCSU graduate Joelle Purifoy.

NC State senior Drew Warash uploads pictures to the site weekly.

“I think it’s kind of funny,” said Warash.

Warash said he is just exposing what really happens on and off college campuses.

“If you’re willing to go do that to yourself in public where anybody can see you it’s kind of free rein I think,” said Warash. “I don’t try to get people drunk to do it so we can take pictures of them, but if we see you passed out drunk on the ground or I’m carrying you home that night, it’s kind of like you just put me through this struggle to carry you, I’m going to get some entertainment back out of it.”

NCSU leaders don’t condone the behavior. Paul Cousins, Director of the Dept of Student Community Standards has been monitoring the account for months.

“These are depictions of medical emergencies,” said Cousins.

Cousins says NCSU can’t punish students for posting the pictures, but there could be consequences for students drunk on campus whose photos show up on the site. So far, no action has been taken.

“It’s a hard lesson for them to learn that we don’t have control over the web. That’s not ours to manage, and by and large, the stuff that’s out there is free speech.