Based on my two years with College Insurrection, all I can say is that it must have been difficult to choose.

Emma Colton has the story.

The Daily Caller’s Official Rundown Of America’s Worst, Most Leftist Professors

Harvard professor Naomi Oreskes co-penned a book about global warming and how the earth will one day be a wasteland unless drastic, draconian action is taken. However, the hypocritical Ivy League professor doesn’t heed her own advice because she frequently tours across the world in pollution-emitting jumbo jets.

Lawrence Torcello, an assistant philosophy professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, published an essay in March 2014 demanding that climate change deniers be tossed in jail.

Robert Reich, a former U.S. secretary of labor for Bill Clinton, bled taxpayers last year of $242,613, yet he is expected to teach only one class this coming semester for his generous employer, the University of California, Berkeley. The über-liberal economist is slated to earn over $20,000 each month for teaching the one class.

Harvard professor Stephen Walt took to Twitter and blamed American foreign policy when Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 crashed over Ukraine. According to the progressive prof’s tweet, America is at fault for the crash because the U.S. and the European Union did not keep Ukraine as a “neutral buffer state.”

Israel-hating professor Steven G. Salaita recently lost a job offer from taxpayer-funded University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign due to relentless, embarassingly juvenile tweets about his undying hatred of Israel. This professor is currently unemployed, but recently retweeted the importance of teaching “political consciousness.”

University of Pennsylvania professor Anthea Butler called God racist in an essay she wrote after the Trayvon Martin verdict in 2013. The religious studies professor claimed that her vast knowledge of African American studies and religion gave her a warrant to make such claims. She added that there is no way UPenn would fire her because, after all, she’s tenured.

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