If you’re only in school to party, your wasting other people’s time and money.

CBS News in Washington, DC reported.

College Drinking Survey: Nearly Half of Maryland Students Binge Drink

About 47 percent of Maryland college students who responded to a survey on alcohol consumption engaged in binge drinking during the month before they were asked, according to a survey released Tuesday.

In the first Maryland College Alcohol Survey, binge drinking was defined as five or more drinks in a row within two hours for men and four drinks or more for women at least once in the past month.

William Kirwan, the University System of Maryland Chancellor, said the survey showed the rate of student drinking in Maryland reflected a rate of binge drinking similar to the national average.

“This survey gives us the necessary information to build on what colleges are already doing with new, more targeted strategies and develop interventions tailored to the specific needs of each school in our collaborative,” Kirwan said.

The survey was initiated by 10 college and university presidents and paid for by the state.

The survey found that about one-third of students who drank excessively during the past year reported blacking out. About 24 percent reported missing class due to drinking or performing poorly on a test. About 14 percent responded that they were hurt or injured, and 13 percent reported driving a car when they had been drinking, while 8 percent damaged property. About 7 percent said they were taken advantage of sexually.