Congratulations to these students for doing something so worthwhile.

FOX News reported.

College students build bionic arm for 6-year-old, free of charge

An engineering student at University of Central Florida is making a six-year-old’s dream of being a normal kid, come true, by creating a new bionic arm.

The trick? All of the parts were made by a 3D printer.

UCF engineering student Albert Moreno has dreamed of making amazing things since he was 6-years old.

And he’s seen some truly amazing things during his time in the university’s engineering school.

“I’ve seen… the most incredible particle accelerators um… giant lasers… and incredible machines… ah… experiment halls,” said Moreno.

6-year old Alex Pring, on the other hand, just dreams of being a normal kid.

He was born with only half a right arm.

“He was like 2 or 3 the first time he realized. He was in preschool and they were showing him sames and differents. And he was just sitting in the car and he looked down and goes, my arms are different. And I said ‘What do you mean?’ And he goes, ‘I don’t have a hand,'” said his Mother Alyson.

Alex has even had issues with kids in school making comments about his arm, saying things like he was bitten by a shark or an alligator, or hit by a car.

And that’s where their two storylines come together. Alex’s mom was looking for someone she could get help from for her son, and Albert was looking for someone he could give help to, with all the amazing things he’s learned in school.

Albert Moreno created the team, at UCF, that created the arm.

It works with electrodes attached to his bicep.

When he flexes, his hand clinches.

Alex took to it quickly.

And after just a few fittings, he can throw a ball with the hand, and also write like any other kid.