Ron Paul has always been popular among college students and his message of personal liberty keeps gaining ground.

Bill Frezza writes at Forbes.

Ron Paul’s Campus Legacy Catches Fire as Young Americans for Liberty Booms

Youthful rebellion takes many forms. But when was the last time you saw college kids turning out in large numbers calling for fiscal prudence, personal responsibility, and restoring the Constitution? Something is brewing on campus, and it’s not just beer.

I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the sixth annual Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) convention in Arlington, Virginia, last week, just outside the nation’s capital. It was the group’s largest convention yet, with about 200 of the over 525 YAL campus chapters represented and attendees from all 50 states. At first, it looked like many other student confabs—perhaps with less pink hair and fewer tattoos—but I noticed something different about these conferees. A fire burned in their bellies, the kind I haven’t seen since people of my generation marched against the Vietnam War.

So who lit their fuse? Would you believe … a septuagenarian obstetrician who “treats you like a grandson” and behaves with such deep authenticity that you “would never suspect he was a politician,” according to Jeff Frazee, who hosted the gathering. He should know. Jeff went from interning with Rep. Ron Paul to coordinating youth outreach for Paul’s presidential campaign to leading YAL today.

Jeff tells of this ideological journey in this week’s RealClear Radio Hour. “I didn’t feel like I fit in with the left,” he says. “I didn’t feel like I fit in with the right, I was disenchanted with the wars, and my roommate said, ‘You might be a libertarian. You should look into Ron Paul.’”