Caffeine, alcohol, and fast food are Millennials’ top three vices according to a survey conducted by Level Money.

Gluttony well represented, but what lust, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride?

From Hadley Malcom of USA Today:

Millennials spend big bucks on these vices

Millennials are giving into temptation and shelling out hundreds of dollars a year on booze, coffee and fast food, according to a survey out this week from budgeting app Level Money.

Level, used primarily by 18- to 35-year-olds, pulled the spending data of its half million users to see where Millennials are indulging the most. Here’s a look at the results.


Millennials in Maine spend the most on coffee – more than $300 a year on average. The top 10 states are almost entirely on the East Coast, including Massachusetts at No. 2 and New Hampshire at No. 3. The South is the least caffeinated. Young adults in Mississippi spend the least, less than $50 on average per year.


The South also lags when it comes to consuming alcohol. It’s Massachusetts where you are most likely to find Millennials at the bar, followed by Colorado and New York. South Dakota, Alabama, and Mississippi claim the bottom three slots.

Fast food

Here’s where the South comes out on top. Young adults in Oklahoma are spending the most on fast food at nearly $1,200 a year on average. And more than 40% are heading to the drive-through at least twice a week. Kansas and Texas come in second and third when it comes to chowing down on a burger and fries. Vermont is staying away from this vice. Millennials there spend the least on fast food, about $430 a year on average.

The chains getting the biggest share of Millennials’ money may not be a surprise: We’re most likely to stop at McDonald’s for our fast food fix and Starbucks for a cup of coffee.

And our second most popular choice for fast food? Chipotle.