Finally, some chutzpah out of Israel’s universities.

Lidar Grave-Lazi of the Jerusalem Post has the story:

Israeli university heads establish forum to counter academic boycott

The Committee of University Heads in Israel announced on Tuesday the establishment of a forum to counter academic boycotts against Israel.

Prof. Zvi Ziegler, professor emeritus at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and chairman of the Inter-University Senate will head the panel.

“An academic boycott is an unacceptable and dangerous process contrary to the spirit of research, undermining its foundations. This is an increasingly growing phenomenon with one aim – attacking the State of Israel and the research performed within its borders,” Prof. Menahem Ben-Sasson, president of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and chairman of the Committee of University Heads, said on Tuesday.

According to Ben-Sasson, the boycotts aim to attack the state by damaging its “most important national resource” – scientific academic research.

“For a long time this important resource has come under attack internationally by anti-Israel parties who are encouraging academic boycotts against the state,” he said.