This is good news for all college women. Diversity of thought and opinion is vital to higher education.

Claire E. Healey writes at the College Fix.

Conservative Female College Group Gains Ground on Campuses Nationwide

#NotAllWomen are radical feminists

“As a young female, I am sick and tired of being defined by the pills I take.”

So said conservative pundit Katie Pavlich recently to a room full of like-minded female college students and young professionals in Washington, D.C.

Pavlich’s well-received talk was one highlight among many the young women who converged from across the nation to bond, brainstorm and befriend one another experienced at the gathering, a conference hosted by the Network of Enlightened Women, or NeW.

NeW connects and supports female college conservatives, and provides them with an outlet to express and promote their views, which stand against overwhelming liberal campus counterparts.

The 10-year-old organization, which began as a book club at the University of Virginia in 2004 and today consists of more than two dozen campus chapters nationwide, continues to expand as more young women join its ranks and additional proactive projects are launched.

Last month it helped with a new online Conservative University to combat radical feminist ideas touted at campuses. And next semester, its chapters plan to join forces with other like-minded groups on campuses to host events, bring in speakers, and spread their messages.

And that message is radical feminism does not represent all women.

“NeW is important because it shows the alternate voice. It gives women on campus the option to have another point of view without being judged,” Christie Abel, incoming president of the Cornell University NeW chapter, said in an email to The College Fix.

“It promotes dialogue between clubs,” she added. “By having a different voice, we contribute to the diversity of thought on campus and I think that the most crucial that we as a club can do.”