The world would be a better place if more college students took a stand for what’s right. Kudos to this young lady.

Daniel Mael of Truth Revolt reports.

College Junior Blasts Left-Leaning, Irrational Targeting of Israel

Writing in the Times of Israel, college junior Erica Mandel blasted her the left’s irrational targeting of Israel in an open letter to her “left leaning friends.”

She began by stating that “the last month has become somewhat routine for me—I wake up and check how many “red alert” notifications I have on my phone.”

“During my commute into the city, I check all the latest news source notifications I received overnight so that I am up to date with the most current happenings. When I get to my desk, I open the Live Updates of Operation Protective Edge, and log onto Facebook for the sole purpose of reading the barrage of articles that will be waiting for me on my newsfeed. From the far left, to the far right, and everything in between, I am sure to read them all”

She then wondered why many of her left-leaning friends do not question the intentions of those who hold Israel to a double-standard:

While I value the array of opinions and viewpoints of my social media “friends”, I can’t help but question the intentions of my Jewish, left leaning ones. With the rest of the world examining Israel through a critical lens, is that really your place right now? With the rest of the world questioning Israel’s actions and motives, do you really feel it necessary to as well?

I share your concern for the continuation of violence— it too keeps me up at night. I share your concern for the loss of human life, regardless of the side— it too leaves a pit in my stomach. However, by focusing on how Israel can do better, you are no longer keeping Israel’s best interests in mind. When your focus becomes examining Israel’s military tactics you fail to recognize the great lengths the IDF has gone to protect Palestinian lives.