The school was having trouble paying employees and eventually went bankrupt.

Amber Lee of KTVU reported.

Bryman College set to close Bay Area campuses

It’s the end of the line for all four Bay Area locations of Bryman College.

Employees say administrators told them on Friday afternoon that the college was closing its campuses in San Jose, San Francisco, Hayward and Los Angeles.

The announcement didn’t come as too much of a surprise for one a long-time staff member who told KTVU off camera that the school has been having trouble paying its employees during the past year.

When KTVU arrived at the San Jose location on North First Street, people were locking up and leaving. But when approached, the employees declined to talk on camera.

Meanwhile, the last graduating class for the San Jose campus was holding its commencement ceremony at a nearby church.

One new graduate proudly showed us her diploma, declaring she was the first in her family to graduate from college.

“I’m feeling great…just graduated,” said Ashley Soto of Redwood City.

But she and others in the class of 2014 are also expressing sadness. This joyful occasion was marred by the news of the school’s bankruptcy and closure.

“My instructor who prepared me to go get a career doesn’t have a job anymore It’s heartbreaking,” said Angelina Aguilar of San Jose.