The higher ed bubble begins to claim another college faculty.

Jane Stancill of the News Observer writes.

William Peace University offers buyouts to tenured professors

William Peace University is offering buyouts to many, if not all, of its tenured faculty.

Fifteen faculty members have been offered payments of $30,000 each if they leave by June 30 and sign an agreement giving up tenure status and releasing all claims against the university, according to a copy of the agreement obtained by The News & Observer.

The buyouts were extended to professors from a variety of academic departments – anthropology, biology, communications, English, math, philosophy, political science and psychology.

The agreement includes a nondisparagement clause that would prevent departing professors from speaking ill of the university. It includes prescribed language that faculty members would be required to utter if asked why they left the university’s employment: “I’ve opted to resign as part of a Voluntary Separation Program offered by the University. I wish the best for the William Peace University community.”

The buyouts come two months after a majority of full-time faculty signed an eight-page letter to trustees with a host of complaints about Debra Townsley, the university president.