Feminists recently staged a book burning.

The target?  Christina Hoff Sommers’ wonderful work,  The War Against Boys.

Now, via Minding the Campus, is a video that they will hate just as much…and can’t burn.

AEI’s Christina Hoff Sommers is now hosting “The Factual Feminist,” an excellent YouTube series which punctures the conventional wisdom on “feminist philosophies and practices.”

The episode recounts the devastating impact of Title IX on college sports.

Title IX outlawed gender discrimination in publicly funded educational programs, including athletics. But something went wrong in the law’s implementation, and Title IX turned into a quota system, forcing equal numbers of male and female athletes. Over time, this has forced the culling of men’s sports programs to maintain equal numbers. As the number of athletic programs for men dwindles, the Factual Feminist asks: can college sports survive Title IX?