One has to wonder if the exhibit in question included anything about the Tea Party. I would suggest that the Tea Party is much more pro-freedom than the Occupy movement.

Jennifer Kabbany of The College Fix has the story.

University’s ‘Fight for Freedom’ Exhibit Includes ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Tribute

The American Revolution. The Bill of Rights. The Civil Rights Movement.

Occupy Wall Street?

Librarians at the Vanderbilt University library have included “Occupy Nashville” memorabilia in its new “Fight for Freedom” exhibit.

Tucked away beside displays that call to mind issues regarding free speech and freedom of the press, librarians pay homage to the anti-capitalist movement, which in their eyes is apparently akin to the fight against religious persecution and segregation.

“In 2011, the Occupy Nashville movement formed to support the efforts of Occupy Wall Street and shared many of the same issues, including economic inequality and excessive corporate influence over government,” explains the exhibit’s website.

The Occupy Nashville display includes a red and black flag waved at rallies, an article on how college students rallied against homelessness, and a flier in which Chase Bank is castigated for daring to try to foreclose on the house of a former civil rights leader, according to the website.

Books that accompany the memorabilia offer titles such as “The Trouble Is the Banks,” “From Foreclosure to Fair Lending,” “Class War,” and “The Occupy Handbook.”

“We hope the community will be inspired by the legacy of those who struggled and sacrificed to ensure civil rights and equality with the hope of making ours a better world,” Connie Vinita Dowell, dean of libraries, told the Vanderbilt News.

And there it is. At Vanderbilt, the Occupy Wall Street protesters are to be counted among history makers who tried to make the world a better place, these champions of freedom who bemoaned oppression while they drank $5 lattes and went to college on student loans made possible by the very people they loathed.